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We make wealth management
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The Service to Make Wealth Management Simple.

There’s no doubt that financial planning and wealth management can be complicated. But when you work with Barrett Capital Advisory, we’ll make it simple for you. We do the work. We keep you informed. We answer your questions. You reap the rewards. Here’s how we do it.

  • 1We’re process-driven.

    Financial planning is a step-by-step process. You must assess your current situation, define your goals, create a plan to achieve them, and execute and monitor the plan. This process is critical. You can’t skip a step. You can’t cut corners. Each step is essential.

    At Barrett Capital Advisory, we follow our process with each of our clients. It's life's most important math problem. We define what we want to achieve, then we use the principles that we have learned from years of working with clients to create a plan to achieve your unique goals.

  • 2We’re always working in your best interest.

    We’re a fiduciary, which means we are professionally bound to make decisions and choices that are in your best interest. Without exception. You can be confident that everything we recommend or every adjustment we make is what’s best for you. Always.

  • 3We’re an invaluable resource for you.

    Wondering what’s the best strategy for taking social security payments in retirement? Not sure how much life insurance you need? Want to know the difference between a traditional and ROTH IRA? Whatever questions you have about your financial life, we’re here to answer. Any time you need us.

  • 4We deliver extraordinary service.

    Again, we can’t stress enough how determined we are to exceed your expectations when it comes to service. We understand the importance of communication and we strive to get you answers to your questions quickly, and thoughtfully. We do offer you an innovative, user-friendly financial life platform that gives you access to all your accounts and information. And we recommend you utilize it. But to us, service is personal. It's about active, responsive communication.

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